Stands & Lifts

Snap Jack V2

Improved and updated version of the original Snap Jack, with improved stability and adjustability. Snap Jack V2 is an easy to use portable jack for lubing, cleaning and adjusting your drive chain.

Use on all modern sports bikes, sports tourers, dual sport and adventure bikes. Pop a Snap Jack V2 into your toolbox, motorcycle luggage or garage.

Easy to use:

1. Put the bike on the kickstand

2. Lock the front brake with the included strap

3. Place Snap Jack V2 in the correct position on the swingarm</li>

4. Push the Snap Jack V2 into position

When using on smooth surfaces, use the included rubber traction pad.

  • Improved heavy-duty version 2 with more stability and adjustability
  • Lifts tyre 1/2" to allow tyre to spin freely
  • Fits easily into most tank and saddle bags
  • Adjustable to work with most modern motorcycles
  • Made from HSLA (high strength, low alloy) steel
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Traction pad included for use on smooth surfaces
  • Lifetime warranty