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Wheel Brace
( PDSCHK21 )

Steel tubing wheel brace Bolts into ground providing base for motorcycle wheels Can also be fixed into vehicles or trailers Increases stability in transit 160mm width Fittings not supplied *NB: Bike must also be secured by tie-down straps, or with the bike's centre/side stand

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Adjustable Wheel Chock
( PDSCHK23 )

1pc construction wheel chock provides excellent stability of motorcycles in storage or transit. 38mm tubular steel construction. Steel base-plate for front wheel location features 2 side-plates to grip front wheel. Side-plates are lockable and width adjustable up to 8" maximum, to ensure secure fit. Can be used free-standing, but can also be permanently fixed to ground or inside vehicle via 2 fixing locations (fittings not supplied).   **  For use in several locations an optional quick-release plate is available by  phone   ** This enables the wheel chock to be removed quickly and easily - ideal for use inside a vechile.  The quick-release plate can be bolted to any fixed surface via the 4 fixing locations, the wheel-chock simply connected by one bolt-fitting. *NB: Intended for use on front wheel of motorcycle only.

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