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Ajs Benelli Ccm

AJS Benelli CCM

AJS insetto 125
( AJS Insetto 125 )

The Insetto is a joy to ride. The steering is positive, the handling is easy and sure footed due to its 12" wheels and hydraulically damped, telescopic front suspension. The Insetto is powered by the new series 3J4 engine which produces 6.5Kw, our most powerful scooter to date. The automatic variable transmission effortly and seamlessly adjusts to suit the road conditions. Electric start and Electronic Fuel Injection make starting easy and fuel consumption frugal. Linked brakes offer higher performance and improved safety compared to older models. There is generous underseat storage and a rear rack as standard equipment   Key Features:  .  125cc: 17yr old learner Legal (CBT or A1 Licence)  .  Smooth, nippy fuel injected 4 stroke engine .  12" wheels for extra stability  .  Lockable storage space under the seat .  Twist & Go - easy to ride  .  12 Months parts & Labour AJS Warranty.  


AJS NT12 (125cc)
( AJS NT12 )

TN12 125  The TN12 unashamedly boasts aggressive styling. Its angular bodywork pushes the boundaries of 125 motorcycle style. Its compact chassis and prone riding position offer the rider maximum feel and comfort. Immediately on board, you feel a part of the machine, not just a passenger. The TN12 is equally at home commuting through our busy streets or flicking through sweeping bends. Handling is one of its strong points. Single shock rear suspension offers controlled rear wheel movement whilst conventional hydraulic front shocks soak up bumps and offer precise steering. Powerful 290mm front and 230mm rear, linked disc brakes are linked through a combined braking system to quickly bring you to a halt if required. A multi colour choice, back lit, digital speedometer and LED running lights add to its futuristic quality. Available in three great colours. Pearl White, Cobalt Blue, Midnight Satin Black.


( DD125-E )

AJS The companies origin can be traced back to the early 1900's when the Stevens brothers - Harry, George, Jack and Joe set about producing AJS motorcycles.The initials AJS were taken from Albert John (Jack) Stevens, the only brother to have a middle name. Over the years the AJS company produced many fine motorcycle models and has lead the way in technology and motorcycle production. Today AJS continue their ethos with a range of small and medium sized motorcycles which are designed to be eye catching, fun, economical and exceptional good value. Motorcycles you can enjoy, prices you can afford, backup you can trust.


AJS Digita 50cc
( Digita 50 )

Key Features:  . 16yr old learner Legal (moped). . Drive on your car licence (if you passed your car test before 01/02/2001) .  Nippy 4 stroke engine. .  Quickly accelerates up to 30mph.  . Low seat height. . Lockable storage space under the seat. . Luggage rack pre-drilled to accept a top box.  . Low cost motoring.  . 12 Months parts & Labour AJS Warranty.